How to download Fish table game by Android

When talking about fish table games, players always get excited and express their love for their convenience. Players can join a fish table online by mobile instead of computer and can experience anytime, anywhere, unlimited time and place.

The Android operating system accounts for the majority of mobile phones today, so game manufacturers have allowed the online version of fish table to be easily installed on Android mobile phones. The following article will guide players how to download the game to mobile with Android operating system.

How to install apps on Android phones

When it comes to installing apps on Android, players have two ways to go about it. Almost all fish table games have versions for PC and mobile, so players can freely choose the appropriate entertainment method. If the player uses the fish table online application, the player can use the APK file or through the Google Play store to do so. As follows:

  • Download Apk

Players can download the APK and install it on their Android device easily. However, this method comes with a part of risk, if the player does not pay attention to the source of the APK file, the player can install a malicious program on the mobile device.

Players need to pay attention to the origin of the fish table online game when downloading the APK. That way players’ mobiles will be protected and they can also access more of their favorite games. Players follow the steps below to download the APK to mobile:

  • Players go to the platform they want and download the APK to their device, then install the app.
  • Players can also click it right from the browser for the device.
  • The player chooses to grant the requested mobile permissions to install third-party apps. They then click on the relevant link to grant permission, the player will be taken to the “install unknown apps” settings page.
  • With the permissions granted, the settings screen will bounce back to where the player left off. The player navigates to Downloads and restarts the installation.
  • Click next to complete the installation.

The APK application after downloading to the mobile will be no different from any other application on the device. Players should remember that if the player using the Google Play method fails, then select the APK. Because it’s safer on Google Play, allowing players to check for the latest updates.

  • Google Play

The fact that players download applications from Google Play will ensure the safety of players. Because the Google Play system closely monitors and approves every app that is compatible with the Android platform. However, this also means players are limited to some of their favorite apps, because it doesn’t appear on Google Play.

  • Players find the application on Google Play by typing the name in the search box.


  • The system browses through the search and ensures players pick the game they want.
  • The player clicks the Setting button.
  • The operating system then performs all the settings in the background without requiring the player to do anything.

Many players find it easier to install apps on Google Play. However, not all games belong to this platform. Therefore, players need to be flexible in using two platforms to install the game as they want.

Popular Android fish board game app

If the player is a fan of fish table online games, players cannot help but know the famous online fish table versions on Android operating system below:

  • Fish Shooter

Fish Shooter is a fish table game application that gives players quick access and a wide selection of ranks. This entertainment platform supports players to hunt fish with many new features. Each time players successfully hunt, they will receive extremely attractive rewards. If players have solid finances, they can upgrade their weapons, improving their success in subsequent hunts.

  • Fish Hunter

If players want to hone their fishing skills, players should look to Fish Hunter. In this game, players will play the role of hunter and hunt for different colorful fishes. Fish Hunter is really compatible with mobile screens, beautiful design and smooth running.

  • Dragon King

Dragon King is an application that makes players no longer feel bored. This application allows players to join many different ranks, players freely choose bullets and weapons to hunt. In addition, the payout level that Dragon King provides for each type of fish is also very attractive. Players will surely be immersed in the world of fish and the rewards they bring.

  • King of Fishing

King of Fishing is one of the hottest online fish table games at the moment. This game allows players to have fun using the Android platform and they can use all their skills to kill fish. All players need to know is to find out about the creatures’ payouts and how to use the features to get closer to victory.

Nowadays, it is not difficult for players to participate in fish table games with their personal mobile phones. Players need to invest, find suitable mobile applications and do not forget to carefully read the source of the application when downloading to mobile. Hope the above information can help players, ensure their ability to win!

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