Caishen Fishing – Find More To Fish Tables Online For Real Money Today

Caishen Fishing is one of the fish table gambling game online real money inspired by images like the Chinese god of fortune, the Golden Turtle. This is one of the new variations of the traditional fish shooting game. Currently, fish shooting games are attracting a large number of players to participate. To learn more about this game, follow us through the article below.

Caishen Fishing - Find More To Fish Tables Online For Real Money Today

Introduction About Caishen Fishing

Caishen Fishing is one of the new variants that appeared starting in 2019, This is one of the top 10 most popular online fish table games today, since its launch it has attracted a large number of participants in the USA market. With the eye-catching interface, lively sound and the convenience of being able to play on any electronic device such as a computer, phone or tablet. Players can easily access the website and participate in this game.

When participating in this game to be able to win, players need to know the rules of the game, as well as combine the use of tools to improve their winning ability.

With this game, when the players participate, you will feel tens of thousands of creatures appear in the game, colorful, they move flexibly to create an extremely realistic feeling. Players will feel like they are exploring the mysterious world, with many attractive gifts.

In this game have 3 level that the players can choose such as:

Newbie: In this level the players can bet from 0.3 to 30 and it is suitable for the new player who first plays this game and doesn’t have more experience.

Expert: Limit bet in this level from 3 to 300, with this level requiring players to have more experience to play fishing games before.

Caishen: This level is for the players who play fishing games for a long time and have many skills to be a master in this game. 

Rule of Caishen Fishing Game

The rules of Caishen Fishing are very simple. However, each player will have a different skill to hunt fish. Depends on how the gun is used by each player. In particular, players should note that bullets here will be purchased with money, so before starting to hunt, players should aim to avoid wasting their bullets.

Besides, the amount of the player’s bonus also depends on the number of fish and the size of the fish that the player hunts. The more big fish you catch, the more bonus you will receive compared to the small fish.

After choosing the bet, the player will be given 10 bullets by the system. During the game, the player can buy more bullets. Besides, in the process of hunting, players will also have a number of weapons with different functions to help the hunt become more effective.

Caishen Fishing - Find More To Fish Tables Online For Real Money Today

The Feature of Caishen Fishing Game

Caishen Fa Fa Fa

During the Game the player get a chance to trigger additional rewards by capturing the symbol Caishen Fa Fa Fa or hitting fishes with every bullet. The players will get the red envelope lottery and get the chance to win from 2x to 1000x

Wheel Of Fortune

This is a special gift for players, the player will arbitrarily choose 1 position, then spin and wait for the results. The chance to win between 40x and 200x bonuses.

Caishen Coming

When this feature appear, players work together to win lucky bonus from 100x to 300x

Special Weapon

This is one of the special weapons to raise the player’s victory in addition to the bullets provided by the system.

Fortune Bazooka: The players will get 10x first and additional 20 to 100 free bullets randomly each trigger. And the maximum bullets the players can receive is 999. But the weapon is frozen, it can’t work.

Mega Drill: With this weapon players will get 10x first and free shot of Mega Drill. When fire will have the opportunity to capture the fishes along the trial path.

Caishen Fishing - Find More To Fish Tables Online For Real Money Today

Paytable of Cashien Fishing Game

Butterflyfish2xEtmopterus spinax15x
Blue tang3xPuffer18x
Fire fish goby6xShark30x
Arowana7xBig Jellyfish40x
Turtle10xGold Toads100x
Caishen Fishing - Find More To Fish Tables Online For Real Money Today


Caishen Fishing is one of the new fish shooting games with many outstanding features. With an eye-catching 3D design, lively sound, players will feel more excited when coming to this game. In addition, when participating in this game, the player does not have too much of the initial bet but can still improve his victory through the use of special weapon . Hopefully our information will help players when participating in this shooting game.

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