Catte Card Game

Cat te is a card game that appears at most online casino and is well received by many players. Catte’s rules are somewhat more confusing than other card games. Therefore, if players want to win, they need to understand the rules of the game, how to participate and especially apply some experience to the game.

The following article will guide players on how to join Cat te card game in detail. If players have the need to participate, don’t forget to follow the information!

vietnamese card game cat te

The Rules Of Cat te

Catte at casino online has many ways to participate, corresponding to many different versions. This game is rated quite interesting by players. Each Catte table requires 2 to 5 players and they have to go through rounds in turn, a total of 6 rounds.

At the beginning of the game, the system by casino will deal 6 cards to each player. At each round, the first player will play 1 card and the next players who have cards of the same suit and higher value will play. That player will advance to the next round.

In case a player does not own cards of the same suit and of greater value, that player is required to up down face 1 of the 6 cards handed. Just like that, the player plays a total of 4 rounds, the player who owns the cards with the greatest value and can block the opponent will be shown cards. Players who have no cards left will be disqualified.

Note :

  • In case the player has “Tung” and does not get to the card in the 4th round, the player needs to carefully consider which card to discard and which 2 cards to keep to go to the show card round.
  • The last player to block the card in the 4th round will be the first to show the card in the last round.

How To Show Cards In Catte

  • In the 5th and 6th rounds, the players will conduct show cards. The player who catches the last card in round 4 will be the first to show the card.
  • The first person to show the card will show 1 card, the remaining players with the same suit and higher value will win this card and continue to show the remaining card.
  • If all the remaining players do not have a “lost” card of the same suit and value, the person showing the card wins. Conversely, the player who owns a “loss” card with the same suit and greater value, that person wins the first person to show the card.

The Rules To Win All In Catte

In Catte, players will encounter a case of winning all without playing any cards when participating. The player who can win all at the beginning will be the winner of that bet.

The player’s 6 cards with the combinations below will win without entering the bet.

  • Four of the kind.
  • 6 cards have the same suit.
  • 6 cards have a value less than 6.

In case there are 2 people who both own the above special combination, the cards between the two people will be compared to determine the winner, specifically as follows:

  • Four of the kind => Four of the kind bigger wins
  • 6 cards have the same suit => consider the value of each card.
  • 6 cards have value less than 6 => consider the value of each card.

The Rules “Gục Tùng”

“Tùng” is a special term in Catte card game in Vietnamese. So, what is “Gục Tùng”? Find out below:

  • “Gục Tùng ” the whole table

“Gục Tùng” the whole table is the case where 1 player in the table, plays from 4 cards from round 1, 2, 3, 4 (can hit the 5th or 6th card) but no other player has the same suit cards has a larger value to follow. That player will immediately win that bet, in which case the bet is multiplied.

  • Bonus = initial bet X number of rounds “Gục tùng”. (usually round 3 will multiply 2 and round 4 will multiply x3 and so on until rounds 5 and 6 )
  • Those who “Gục Tùng” will be considered Ace.
  • Individual “Gục Tùng “

“ Gục Tùng” is a situation in which there are only a few not have a card of the same suit and higher value, player must stop play in that round, players on the table and there is still more than one player that can play – they will continue to show cards in the next round. The winner will be the one who reaches the end of the table and receives the following bets:

  • Payout = Total bets of all players in the table.
  • The person “gục tùng” will be considered dead Ace.

Terms When Playing Catte Online

  • “Tồn”: This is the last card to appear in the show card round.
  • “Thiệp”: Includes cards that are face down on the table when a player is unable to follow the betting round.
  • “ Chết tùng”: Used to refer to the player who has dealt face down all 4 rounds.
  • “ Thắng tùng”: in a round, the player is not blocked by others until the 4th round, when this player will receive the reward.
  • Win all : Players who own special cards, do not need to participate can still win.
  • Show cards: The last 2 cards appear in rounds 5 and 6.

Tips To Play Catte Online

Players who want to win Catte online need to practice a lot. Besides, players need to accumulate experience and learn from previous masters.

  • Take the value high card first

Players when playing the first card should choose large cards, such as Q, K, A to avoid the case of cards face down. Small cards players should keep because they can be left face down. Because when using big cards, it will be easier for players to advance to the next round.

  • Take a series of cards with the same suit.

If the player receives 6 cards and there are cards of the same suit, the player should play from small to large. As such, they will have a chance to win up to two, three or four times more than usual.

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Just now is some necessary information about Catte online for those who want to participate. The most important thing that players need to do is choose a reputable and quality casino online to place bets. Thus, the new game can ensure transparency, fairness and bonuses will also be paid quickly. Good luck players!

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