Domino QQ – How To Win & More!

Domino QQ is an entertainment product under the e-casino platform. This game appears quite a lot at online casinos with different versions. Customers participating in Domino QQ will have to go through many steps of placing bets. This game has quite difficult rules, players who want to participate must first understand the meaning of the tiles.

The Levels Of Betting In Domino QQ

  • Level 1: At this level, each player needs to spend from 1 to 1000 coins if they want to participate in entertainment. Newcomers to online entertainment often choose level 1 because it’s easy, doesn’t make players lose too much bet.
  • Level 2: At this level, players need to pay a higher fee if they want to participate, bets range from 10 coins to 10000 coins. As the stakes increase, the difficulty level of the game also increases, in return for interesting things waiting for players ahead.
  • Level 3: Each player needs to bet within the limit from 20 coins to 20000 coins. Those who have a lot of experience participating in online games will often choose this rank, their purpose is often to earn extra income instead of normal entertainment.
  • Level 4: This is the hardest level and also has the most attractive rewards. Players must qualify to bet between 50 and 50,000 coins. Very few players can win at this level, they have to participate many times, practice their skills and bet really well.

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The Rules Of The Domino QQ

The order of cards is as follows: Six Devil > Twin > Small > Big> QuiQui 

Six Devil: Cards are all worth 6. The biggest special card.
Twin Cards: The card values above are the same as the ones below. 
Small Cards: The total value of the cards will all be less than or equal to 9. 
Big Cards: The total value of the cards will all be 39 or more. 
QuiQui: The total value of the cards on the left and right together becomes 9. 
Ordinary Card: Cards that are not special cards. 

The Process Betting Of A Domino QQ 

As soon as the player chooses the betting room, the game is already started.

The player can make an Ante bet and be dealt 3 cards by the Dealer.

The betting process includes:

  • First raise time.
  • Second saise time.
  • The player confirms the card type one last time. Then the cards will be compared to find the winner and loser.

When the player wins the bet, the player’s bonus will be deducted 5% of the online casino commission.

If there are many players participating in the game at the same time, the balance will be converted into T-coin by the system.

Some Note To Play The Domino QQ

  • Although Domino QQ appears at many online casinos, not all systems are reputable and quality, players need to be careful and pay attention in choosing a website to place bets.
  • Personal finance is one of the deciding factors that players should or should not participate in betting. That is why players need to be careful when depositing their bets at an online casino. For unsafe situations, it is best for players not to go all in, just to their detriment.
  • Mentally strong is also an important thing, when the player’s mentality is comfortable and stable, they can make the right betting decisions. The player’s mind is awake, the application of tactics and betting decisions will be much more intelligent.


In general, Domino QQ is a game that requires the player’s understanding, thinking and intelligence. Customers participating in Domino QQ will have a lot of betting options, each choice is a new opportunity and also includes risks. If players have a need to participate in Domino QQ, do not forget to learn information, strategies and apply them at the right time. Hope the above article will be helpful for the upcoming entertainment of players!

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