Fishing Foodie – The Online Version Of Fish Tables For Real Money

In order to bring a new experience to players, our system has launched Fishing Foodie product. This is the newest game, has many updated features. Players participating in Fishing Foodie will encounter many new creatures, with extremely large payouts. Join our website to learn about Fishing Foodie based on the information below!

What Is Fishing Foodie?

Fishing Foodie is a product under the theme of an online fish table game, now available on the website. Players participating in Fishing Foodie can choose from different betting levels. Each level corresponds to the player’s ability to participate, betting experience. Besides, the system also provides a demo version for players to practice before making a bet decision.

Levels Of Fishing Foodie

  • Fun room: The bet level is from 0.10 to 10, players join mainly for entertainment and experience. Because of the low stakes, the player is suitable for a lot of players.
  • Rich Room: Bets from 1 to 100, players have a bit of experience, want to be challenged more. The game room has many people participating at the same time, the level of excitement is quite high.
  • Vip Room: Bets range from 10 to 100, for the professional betting community, having received many rewards from fish game genres.

Values ​​Of Fish In Fishing Foodie

Small fish: Players can receive rewards depending on the value of small creatures, from 2x to 12x.

Medium fish: If the player can shoot medium sized fish, the player’s reward will be from 15x to 80x.

Special Fish:

  • Fish lantern: 100x
  • Fortune Bazooka: 10x
  • Super Bazooka: 10x
  • Xiao Long Bao: 10x- 110x
  • Lobster: 50x – 150x
  • Fruits: 25x – 200x
  • White tiger chef: 50x -300x

The Features In Fishing Foodie

  • Red Envelope: Players who capture the Red Envelope will be able to receive additional rewards. At the same time, that player can also experience the Red Envelope lottery, the bonus for the player winning up to 1000 times from the bet at Red Envelope.
  • Lucky Slot: The special game is activated if the player captures the Lucky Slot. Then the player just needs to click Spin to start. The amount of bonus the player receives depends on the number and value of the fish on the pay line. Lobster can win 150x, Fruits can win 200x, White Tiger Chef can win 300x. If there are 3 of kind, the player will win 200x reward.
  • Xiao Long Bao: Each player who only needs to capture xiao long bao will receive up to 5 xiao long bao. Bonuses are displayed at each xiao long bao in order from 1 to 5.
  • White Tiger Chef: Unusual appearance, players who receive it will be able to receive a bonus of up to 300x.
  • Special Weapons:
  • Fortune Bazooka: Players will get 10x first and additional 20 to 100 free bullets randomly, use it to shoot fortune bazooka again ( up to 999 free bullets).
  • Super Bazooka: Player will get 10x first an additional 20 to 100 free bullets randomly, use it to shoot fortune bazooka again (up to 999 free bullets). More easy hut target than fortune bazooka.


In addition to Fishing Foodie, has many other games on the topic of online fish table games such as ocean king 3 online real money, Shenlong Fishing…. Players just need to quickly register to receive the rewards for new members and experience all the attractive products here.

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