Fly Jet – Shooting Game Win Real Money

Fly Jet is an online entertainment game inspired by working pilots. Designed based on fish table games online, players participating in Fly Jet have to go through 5 different worlds, have to complete the tasks that the game has installed. Each world is a new task for the player, they must specify the number of different enemy planes to destroy in each universe. If players complete it, the amount of bonuses they can get is extremely attractive! Follow the article below to better understand Fly Jet!

Fly Jet’s Rules of the Game

When entering the game, customers will see a lot of planes. The player’s task is to destroy enemy fighters. There are two types of aircraft corresponding to two colors: white and red. The white plane is the number of the enemy’s aircraft, the player needs to destroy them to receive the reward. Conversely, the red plane is the number of planes that have been destroyed by the player.

Players click and drag if they want to change their fighter’s position on the screen. Each time a player hits an enemy plane, the player will clear their balance, which is equivalent to one bet.

If the player does not hit the plane, the player will reduce the bet and not receive the prize. The player’s bonus amount will be clearly saved at the bet table and exchanged into coins if the player needs it.

Customers when participating must play 5 consecutive games, each game starts a new task. Skilled and experienced players can shoot multiple planes and reach the Boss plane of the game. When killing the boss, the bonus money the player can use to join the next game.

Features Of Fly Jet Game

Multiplier: When this feature appears, the player kills 1 fighter successfully, the player’s prize money is multiplied by 2 times.

Chain Reaction : This feature can be activated inside fighters. If a fighter plane is destroyed, it results in other planes of the same type being destroyed in a random amount.

Bomb: If a bomb goes off, it will destroy all the fighters on the screen. The maximum amount of bonus that a player can receive is up to 5000 times.


  • Each Gatcha is a bonus ball, containing a variety of powers that players can take advantage of to fight, including: Assistants, Laser, Big Gun, Net, Heat-Seeking Missile, Freezing, Fireball and Black Hole .
  • When the fighter with the gatcha is destroyed, the gatcha will fall. The player is trying to catch it and find a way to power up from it.
  • Energy boost with inner strength is immediately activated upon capturing Gatcha.


  • Assistants: Two fighters will appear and help the player shoot down even more enemy planes. Each player can use up to 32 free bullets, each of which can only be used after attacking an enemy plane. The fighter will disappear when the bullet is fired.
  • Laser: Fighters will fire laser beams instead of normal bullets, allowing them to shoot or destroy an enemy aircraft in their path.
  • Big gun: The player’s fighter can power up with 20 bullets.
  • Net: This feature is applied to Wild Jungle. Your fighter will be netting, destroying some of the planes captured by the net.

Heat-seeking missile: This feature is applied to Desert

  • The player’s fighter is equipped with thermal missiles.
  • When one or more missiles are launched, each missile will target an enemy aircraft and shoot it down.

Freeze enemy jets: (Antarctica only)

All enemy fighters on the screen will be frozen, unable to move for 5 seconds.

Some aircraft may randomly explode after being shut down.

Fireball: (Lavaland only)

  • The player’s fighter will fire a fireball, which will attack enemy aircraft.
  • Enemy planes will explode and disappear, the player gets a bonus.
  • Black hole: A Black hole will be created in the center of the screen and can destroy enemy planes in it or nearby.

Payment Table

  • Depending on the type of aircraft, players will receive different payouts. The payouts are all multiplied by the total bet amount.
  • For the Boss plane: When each world ends, the player successfully destroys the Boss. The player can then win the Jackpot within the limits specified by the game. The less ammo the player uses to kill the Boss plane, the bigger their bounty!

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In general, Fly Jet is one of the games with high entertainment, outstanding colors and vivid sound. The rules of Fly Jet are quite simple, players just need to spend time training, improving their shooting skills and learning how to use skills to successfully conquer each world. Hopefully through the article above, players will understand more about Fly Jet and be able to conquer all 5 worlds in the game. Good luck players!

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