Play Golden Dragon Online Fish Game With Huge Rewards

We has just launched the Golden Dragon online fish table product with super beautiful, super attractive images. Starting this fish table game online real money will be a battle of mysterious dragons, they are tasked with finding treasures on the ocean floor.

To participate in golden dragon fish game, players need to own a number of powerful weapons, skills to manipulate during hunting. The most special is understanding the game, the basic principle of Golden Dragon fish game.

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Overview About Golden Dragon Online Fish Game

Coming to golden dragon online fish game, players will experience a completely new and attractive game version.

  • Great value rewards, products with investment in image and quality, variety of animals, vivid colors.
  • Not only being entertained and meeting dragons, players also receive many attractive rewards when they shoot it down.
  • Specific instructions, clear how to participate, variety of weapons.

How To Play Golden Dragon Online Fish Table

If players have ever participated in the fish game genre, players will not have difficulty and can easily experience Golden Dragon fish table game. The game will have many new features, ensuring players will enjoy it extremely.

For new players to have a better experience, players can join the trial version. Just be short and hit the each fish, the player will receive the corresponding reward displayed on the screen. In addition, players can also familiarize themselves with how to play, practice their skills. More specifically, this version does not have to cost money to bet, players experience completely free.

Once mastered, players can participate in real play. The bonus amount received by the player can be withdrawn to the player’s personal account. The more creatures you hunt, the greater the rewards you get.

For the real game version, there will also be 3 levels for you to choose from, including:

  • Level Newbie: New players can join with this level, players can bet with the lowest from 0.1 to 10.
  • Level Expert : If you are an experienced person and want to receive a higher reward, this Expert Level will meet the needs of the player. Players can bet from 1 to 100 at this level.
  • If you are a master of online fish table games, then the Golden Dragon level is for players. The bet level of players at this level can range from 10 to 100.

The Rules Of Golden Dragon

In Golden Dragon online fish table, there will be many players participating at the same time. Each turn will give the player 10 bullets. If the bullet hits the target, the player receives a reward commensurate with that target.

In some cases, bullets are good because hitting the target directly will splash into the game’s interface panel, bounce and move to other targets. The player can then still get bonus points from the new target.

Golden Dragon Redemption Rate

Coming to Golden Dragon online fish table, players will have the opportunity to receive huge rewards up to 1800 times. As for the rewards when playing Golden Dragon, players will receive the following rewards:

  • Dragon Ball: If the player shoots down the dragon, the player will receive a reward of dragon ball, their value is extremely large, up to 1800 times the player’s initial bet.
  • Shark: Depending on the big or small shark, the player’s bonus value will be different. However, compared to other animals, the player bonus value will have different changes. The lowest bonus that the shark brings to the player is 5 times the original bet. The minimum bonus a player can receive is a bonus of 10 times the original bet.
  • Laser: If the player uses Laser to kill many creatures, the hunting efficiency is 5 times higher than normal. This means that the player’s bonus is 5 times more than using conventional weapons. In addition, the player also receives an additional 30 seconds of using Laser. With that amount of time, the player is enough to kill all creatures on the screen.
  • Octopus: When the player catches an octopus, the opportunity to receive a reward is 15 times the amount to buy bullets. However, octopuses rarely appear, the time of appearance happens very quickly. Therefore, players need to prepare their weapons, otherwise they will miss the chance to win.
  • Black Dragon: This is the supreme character in Golden Dragon, if the player is lucky enough to own it, the bonus received is not only a few times, a minimum of 50 times and a maximum of 500 times.
  • Goldfish: If you catch a goldfish, a blue or a golden gem will appear and you will get a reward for each bubble up to 300 times.


If players join Golden Dragon online fish table in our system, we guarantee that players will have the most enjoyable and complete experience. Not only that, the website also has many other extremely attractive products.

Quickly register a betting account at Golden Dragon, players will immediately receive a reward of $20, increasing their chances of participating in the game. We hope players will have unforgettable moments with Golden Dragon fish game at the website.

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