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layers who want to join the fish table game online real money have many ways. At our websites, players must register an account, deposit money and buy weapons to hunt fish. Depending on the type of fish, players will receive different rewards. This bonus amount will be converted and withdrawn to a personal bank account for real money. The more fish the player kills, the more attractive the bonus will be!

One of the most popular online fish table games today is Inferno Sea. This is a real money hunting product available at our Casino. Players participating in Inferno Sea will have new experiences. Depending on the level of each player, they can choose different rooms. If players have a need to join Inferno Sea, players should not miss the article below!


The Levels Betting In Inferno

  • Money Room:

The playroom is marked by a very large whale, which looks extremely aggressive. The bet level in this room is quite low, so it is suitable for those who are new to the online fish table. The bet amount ranges from 0.1 to 10.

  • Fortune Room:

The symbol of this playroom is the pirate ship, a familiar image that many people think of when encountering the vast ocean. Players to participate in this game room need to use from 1 to 100 coins, depending on personal conditions. However, this game room is not easy, players who want to win must have experience, skills and especially luck!

The Features In Inferno Sea


  • Bomb card: As long as the player activates them, immediately the creatures in the bomb’s affected area will also explode, the player has a lot of extra bonuses.
  • Laser card: Each laser has great destructive power, the player just needs to shoot the laser in any direction, the fish in that direction will be killed.
  • Drill card: This drill has the feature to attack all fish in the affected area, has a large destructive power and has a limited time of use.


  • Vortex Fish: This fish has the feature of killing fish of the same type, if the player owns it, the player will kill a lot of fish with a high reward.
  • Electric fish: A lot of lightning will be activated and kill fish for the player to receive rewards.

Ghost Fish

The shape of these fishes is very scary, does not appear often. They are illustrated as monsters of the variable, players must join the advanced playroom to encounter them.

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15x – 30x
30x – 250x
40x – 300x 
60x – 500x


Here are the details about Inferno Sea and the features of the game. This is a newly released product and is offered at the in both Demo and real versions. If players have a need to participate, do not forget to learn carefully and experience the Demo version. Wish players good luck and get attractive bonuses!

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