JinChanBuYu – Fish Table Game Online

JinChan BuYu is an online fish table game, now available at our website with the latest version. Players who want to both entertain themselves and earn attractive bonuses should not ignore this game. Currently, this is one of the most attractive products at onlinefishtable us. Follow the article below to learn more about JinChan BuYu!

The Levels Of JinChan BuYu

Similar to other online fish table games like Thanos Avengers or Kirin Storm, players participating in JinChan BuYu will have 3 options, corresponding to 3 levels. Each level has a different difficulty level, in order from easy to difficult. Players depend on their own strength to choose the right room.

  • VIP: This is the easiest level, players who want to join only need to spend from 10 to 1000 to be able to buy a gun to hunt fish. In addition, players do not have to pay any extra cost, even entering the room is free. This level is suitable for inexperienced people who need time to practice and improve their skills.
  • VVIP: This is a medium level, not too difficult for experienced players, nor too simple for new players. When participating, players need from 50 to 1000 to buy 1 gun, in addition, the entrance fee to the game room also needs 10 coins. If players want to relieve stress, test their luck, players should choose this rank.
  • SuperVIP: This is the hardest rank in JinChan BuYu, each gun the player needs from 100 to 1000 coins. Besides, when joining, players need 10 coins to log in to the game room. Not everyone can participate in this game room, players must have a lot of experience, apply the right tactics many times.

The Features Of JinChan BuYu

  • Target Lock: This feature applies when the player has found a target that makes them happy. Then they will use the feature to hunt, the player just needs to release the bullet, no matter where the fish moves, the bullet will automatically shoot accurately at the fish, the player does not have to worry about wasting bullets. , the creature is still destroyed.
  • Auto Shoot: This feature is for players who participate for the purpose of entertainment, not really paying attention, spending too much time. Players just need to turn on the mode, the bullet will release on the screen in a fixed direction of the gun, if it hits the fish and kills it successfully, the player receives a reward. Otherwise the player will waste a lot of ammo.
  • Full screen bomb: With this feature, all fish on the screen when appearing will be destroyed. Players just need to own the bomb, activate it to explode at the right time when the fish appears a lot, the player will receive a lot of attractive rewards. This feature is extremely economical and effective, because having 1 bomb is enough to destroy all fish on the screen.
  • Local bomb: This type of bomb is more limited in power, it will have destructive power based on the location it appears. When the player uses a local bomb, all fish in the affected area will die, the player receives a reward depending on the creature. Compared to other weapons, the local bomb has a limited position, but the destructive power is quite large, easily destroying even large fish.



Just now the basic information about JinChan BuYu fish table game. If players have a need to join the game, want to learn carefully before using their bets and contact us via live chat to experience this game Wish players a big win when playing game!

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