King Fishing – Introducing The Very Attractive Fish Table Game

After previous popular fish game products such as Ocean King online, Crazy Fishing, Golden Dragon… our website launched a new product, bringing new colors in the world of fish table games to get real money. This new game is called King Fishing, similar to how to play fish table games before, players still use guns to destroy fish and receive rewards. The main innovation is about the image and graphics of the game. To understand more about this game, do not forget to follow the article below

Overview about King Fishing

King Fishing has full basic instructions, the game has both similarities of previous fish game products, combined with changes according to the needs of the player. Each game will bring a big surprise to the players. Depending on the ability of each group of people, our system offers three options for rank, the difficulty of the game also increases gradually. The higher the rank, the more players need to invest in weapons and combat abilities. In particular, the most necessary thing is still to possess many skills and understand the rules of the game.

The rules of King Fishing

  • If the player owns the Dice Bubble, the player can get the prize 1 to 6 times by shaking the dice.
  • The feature of Colorful Sea Urchin is to transform into many different animals. Each animal will correspond to a different amount of bonuses. If the player owns Colorful Sea Urchin, depending on luck, Colorful Sea Urchin can turn into Flatfish, Batfish, Golden Dolphin, Silver Shark, Golden Shark. The bonus value players receive from 10% to 30% of the bet amount.
  • Players can receive up to 5 times the original amount, if the player owns the Big Gold Frog.
  • As long as the player catches the Little Golden Frog, the player will have a chance to activate the Golden Moment. Then the amount the player can receive within 15 seconds ranges from 6- to 120 times randomly. A huge number!

Paytable of King Fishing

Baby Fishx2
Grass Crapx2
Tropical Fishx3
Onvex Eyes Fishx4
Lantern Fishx5
Sapphire Fishx9
Butterfly Fishx18
Treasure Boxx20
Little Golden Frogx20
Big Golden Frogx30
Golden Dolphinx30
Silver Sharkx40
Golden Sharkx200
Golden Dragon x40 -x200
Full Screen off Boomcapture of fish
Plate of Fish 1x30
Plate of Fish 2x40
Plate of Fish 3x50
Plate of Fish 4x60
Free Boom
Colorful Sea Urchin 
Dice Bubble 

How to use weapon of King Fishing

  • Gun Emplacement:

1 -100 Elite’s room (1-100)/boom

100-1000 King’s room (100-1000)/boom

  • Gun Head

Freshmen boom, single shoot 1-9

Elite boom, double shoot, 10-1000

King boom, triple shoot, 150-1000

  • Boom Instruction

Orange Bomb: Randomly 2-6 seconds of free boom time. Condition capture of free boom.

Blue Bomb: Low down the 50% of shooting speed last for 10 seconds.

Yellow Bomb: Double the prize, it will last for 10 seconds.

Violet Bomb: Increasing the 50% of shooting speed, last for 10 seconds.

Note: The more times a player catches, the more chances the player has. Learn more ways to use guns, to play the King Fishing game better


In addition to the information shared about the King Fishing game above, players can also join other products and learn about useful tips and tactics in the system. From there, bring more and more great rewards, the customer care service at the website will always support players anytime, anywhere!

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