Player Responsibilities

A really civilized, modern and standard customer definitely needs to have “responsibility when betting”. We always strives to create the best betting environment, culture, equality and fairness. Therefore, online casino hopes that players will also cooperate and develop benefits together. allows players to determine their own bet levels, supporting players to use management tools. From there players can control their own limits.

Players when participating in betting should remember: Betting is a form of entertainment, and do not make it a burden for yourself financially and emotionally. Players should not borrow money, spend beyond the allowable limit to participate in betting. This seriously affects the player and the people around. We wants players to be able to enjoy and have fun after hard work, instead of betting uncontrollably. Every player should bet “responsibly”

Sources/Supporting Organizations

If a player encounters problems while placing a bet, there are many organizations that will assist the player. Players should save a few organizations and ask for their help when having problems. Websites will give advice and guide players enthusiastically. In addition, the site will give confidential advice if the player has a need.

  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • GamCare
  • Gambleaware
  • Gamblingtherapy

Do You Have A Gambling Problem?

We encourages and encourages customers to have good control in the process of betting here. A player who knows how to control himself is a player who is responsible for himself and those around him. By answering the questions below, players will know if they have any problems:

  • How much time do you spend gambling?
  • Is your family life affected if you gamble or not?
  • Does betting affect your reputation?
  • After betting times, do you regret it?
  • Do you bet for the purpose of paying off debt or other money?
  • Has your job been affected by gambling?
  • Should you participate in multiple bets to get your lost money back?
  • Should you participate in many bets if you feel your luck is coming?
  • Do you borrow money from other people to bet?
  • Have you ever sold anything to bet on?
  • Do you use “daily spending money” to bet?
  • Does gambling make you neglect your health and family?
  • Have you ever bet beyond the set limit?
  • Are you guilty of betting? 

If your number of answers is “yes” a lot, it means that the player is at risk of not being good at betting. Players need to recognize the problem as soon as possible, so that betting activities do not affect their lives. Players will also take timely precautions, and organizations will assist when needed.


If a player feels that he cannot control himself during the betting process, he can request “Permanent Self Exclusion”. Players will not be able to use any services at Our Website. Just players need to contact customer service via Live chat and request. Immediate wishes to players will be resolved.

Please Note

The “Self-Exclusion” mode is set by the customer with an end time. And the client cannot change back the selected time if the request is processed.

If during the “Self-Exclusion” period, a player creates a new account, We will immediately detect and block the account.

We takes adequate measures to ensure that customers do not receive advertisements for bets during the “Self-Exclusion” period.

Other betting services and websites are not within the processing limits of us. Players remind themselves and restrain themselves against other temptations.

Preventing Juvenile Behavior

According to the regulations, players at Our website must be 21 years old to create an account and place bets. Any member under the age of 21 is not allowed to access and place bets at the In addition, We will withdraw all winnings and delete accounts for dishonest individuals who provide incorrect information.