RTP Slot Game – Things To Know RTP Rate When Playing Slot

Surely every player participating in online Slot games has heard the term RTP. This is an extremely important factor, it increases the winning when players join the slot game. The following article will explain in detail about this concept, how to use it and how RTP affects players’ betting decisions.

RTP Slot Game – Things To Know RTP Rate When Playing Slot

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return To Player. This is a form of description of the amount that a slot machine returns to the player over a large number of spins, usually expressed as a percentage.

Example: A slot has an RTP of 97%, this means that the slot will return $97 for every $100 bet.

Players need to understand, know how to calculate based on spins. Usually the number of revolutions is up to millions of rounds. Therefore when players participate in games with a few hundred to a few thousand spins, the player can get the corresponding RTP rate.

RTP Algorithm In Slot

Setting up an RTP for a slot machine is not easy, it is a happy process. The harder the setup, the more complicated the game is. For products with many features and large numbers of payments, developers must calculate carefully. Thus the game will return exactly the expected percentage.

In a word, Slot games are programmed to return a percentage of the player’s total money. Each game will have a corresponding RTP, Slot games with a corresponding RTP of 98%, will return 98% of the total bet the player has used in an infinite number of spins.

Difference Between RTP Rate And Variance

Newbies often misunderstand between the RTP and the variance of a game. These two concepts are really closely related, they are not the same thing at all.

Basically, variance is the form that determines how a game’s RTP is perceived:

  • If the variance position is low, the hit rate will be high and the prize will be of small value. This makes the player’s game go on many rounds, without interruption.
  • For games with high variance, the hit rate is usually low, which happens very rarely. However, if the player receives it, the reward value is extremely terrible.

However, not all slot games have high RTP and are suitable for players’ budgets. Games with high RTP are always chosen by players. If the game the player has selected has a lot of volatility, the player must go through thousands of spins before receiving the RTP.

RTP Of Online Slot Game Or Traditional Slot Game Is Better?

Most players who switch to online slots from traditional casinos, rate that online slots are better than traditional games.

  • Online Slot products are always well-reviewed by players. Most games have extremely high RTP rates of 96% or more. Slot games with RTP up to 94% to 95% are generally considered bad.
  • Traditional slot games are usually set to pay back between 70% and 90%, very few games ever surpass 92%.

An important thing is that traditional slot games are often limited in terms of operating space. So the operator must make more profit than online slot games. For online slot games, players can participate in any place, any product they love. So players can absolutely get a high RTP rate.

Some Things About RTP Players Should Know

Here are important information, to help players understand RTP ratio, avoid misunderstanding about this concept

  • Online casino can take most of the RTP rate of the slot machines

This is not true, online casinos do not own Slot games, the system only provides games for players. Slot games come from famous game developers in the world.

Besides, the games are upgraded and developed on the game publisher’s server system. This means that online casinos do not have the power to change core issues like RTP.

  • Completely irrelevant RTP in a spin

This is not true, but it is not wrong either. The actual RTp of the game may not be achievable either way. However, on average, Slot games with an RTP of 96% will play better than a game with only an 85% RTP. So the player can still win or lose both of these types. Players can have a greater chance of winning if they join a Slot game with a higher RTP. In short, choosing the game with the most suitable RTP is important.

  • Progressive Jackpot affects the RTP of a slot game.

This is true in most cases.

For example, slots with a progressive jackpot may have advertised an RTP of 94%, but part of that RTP is usually done through the progressive jackpot. This means that, unless the player actually wins the jackpot, the player will play the game with a significantly lower RTP than what is advertised.

Top 10 Slot Games With Highest RTP Rate

Top 10 Slot Games With Highest RTP Rate

Players can refer to the table below to choose for themselves a game with the best RTP rate:

Slot GameRTP %
Mega JokerUp to 99%
Jackpot 6000Up to 98,8%
Chess Mate98,7%
1429 Uncharted Seas98.6%
Monopoly on the Moneyup to 98.1%
Kings of Chicago97.8%
Devil’s Delight97.6%
Football Star Deluxe97.0%


Above is the information about the RTP rate in online Slot games. Players can register an account, receive a bonus of $20 and participate in Slot products at the system. Online fish table us has thousands of games, extremely good quality from form to content. Good luck players!

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