Tips To Choose Weapon When Joining Fish Table Game Online

Weapons are one of the very important factors, contributing to the victory for players in fish games. Good players not only possess a lot of experience and great skills. That player also has to know how to use the weapon properly. That means players do not need to spend too much money to invest in weapons, do not spend too much bullets to kill fish and still receive great rewards. So how to choose the right weapon, players should not ignore the article below! 

Weapons In Online Fish Table Game

Fish tables online is a genre that many players love. In different versions, players will encounter different types of weapons. Each weapon type will have different destructive power. If the player wants to use it reasonably, save money and still get the best effect, the player should understand about the weapons.

  • Big Gun: This gun can shoot at many different levels, depending on the player’s rank and technique chosen.
  • Bomb: All creatures in the affected area will die if the bomb explodes.
  • Laser: As a weapon with strong attack power, players only need to aim and shoot. No matter where the single target moves, the Laser will still follow until the kill is successful. However, the cost of lasers is not cheap, the higher the rank, the more expensive the weapon.
  • Cannon: The destructive power of cannon certainly does not disappoint players. All animals on the screen will be affected by the light and heat from the firecracker. If the small fish will be immediately destroyed, the big fish will gradually weaken, players can take advantage of the killing opportunity to earn bonus points.
  • Grid: At high levels, if the player sees a school of fish, just throw the grid, all creatures covered by the net will be shocked to death.

How to Choose Effective Weapons In Online Fish Game

Fish shooting game weapons are extremely dangerous, so if you want to earn a lot of money, players need to know how to choose which weapon to apply in any case. As follows:

  • The bullet that the player uses for the gun should depend on the level the player is in. If the player kills only small fish but uses high-powered bullets, this causes the player to waste bullets. Because each small fish will have a bonus that is not enough to cover the cost of buying bullets. 
  • If the player wants to use the Bomb, then the fish must go in groups, many different fish species with great rewards. The feature of the bomb is very wide, the larger the number of fish, the more affected will bring the player more bonuses.
  • The use of Laser is not suitable for fish, it only comes into effect when encountering individual fish. So if the player uses a Laser, the best way is to target large, individual fish like sharks, turtles and octopuses. In addition, in the process of using lasers, players can combine other weapons to have an effective effect. However, you should choose the appropriate level to avoid wasting weapons.
  • The main effect of the grid is to paralyze multi-active fish. The net will cover all the fish on the screen. Then the small fish will die immediately. For large fish, during paralysis, unable to move, players can use guns to shoot, destroy quickly and very effectively.
  • Cannon is a weapon used by many people, because this feature not only kills many fish, but the player’s bonus points will be doubled. Players can kill small and medium fish, with double bonus points, players do not need to hunt big fish and can still get many bonuses.


Above are the weapons in the fish shooting game as well as how to use them. We hope players will grasp and use it effectively to become a master of the online fish table game and earn real money. Our system provides a lot of fish game products (fishing war, crazy fishing, caishen fishing, …) attractive new versions are waiting for players to join.

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