Privacy Policy always respects the privacy of all members. We strictly comply with the provisions of the policy, ensuring that member information is strictly protected. Each member at the online casino needs to comply with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. Thus, the system easily controls all problems, creating a secure foundation for players’ information.

About The Collection And Use of Account Information

When registering an account at, players must provide basic personal information: Full name, email, phone number, bank account number. We reserve the right to use and store information to assist players during the betting process.

Right To Use Information

We has the right to use information from players, for the purpose of optimal support for players at the homepage

  • Verify and process payment transactions: Deposit – Withdraw
  • Check the fastest support information, bets, tournaments when needed.
  • Inform the most accurate incentive programs, rewards and other information to those who need information.
  • The information about the account name and password is set up and used by the players themselves to access and participate in betting at our website.

Confidentiality Responsibilities is the unit that sets up the system and provides the service, so we are responsible for all operations and are committed to confidentiality for all information collected from players. The system applies a high-class security system, strictly complying with the current legal regulations on Information Security and Cybersecurity Principles.

If a member does not agree, we have no right to disclose any information to a third party. All relevant information is only sent accurately to the email address and phone number provided by the player.

Members at our website must be conscious of personal account information security. Members should not be negligent, because just a little carelessness can cause all account information to be exposed. Note we are not responsible for the problems caused by members.

If the member discovers a problem, the member should quickly contact our customer care for assistance. We will quickly handle the problem to ensure the interests of the players.

Change Information

When a player wants to change personal information such as contact phone number, withdrawal account number, they should immediately contact our staff for updates.

Retrieval Request – Verify Information

In the process of joining, we have the right to ask members to provide other information for verification when needed. The system regularly checks unexpectedly, raises security questions to increase the safety of the account. Then the member is obliged to provide according to the requirements of the system.

To verify as well as update new information if any, players have the right to request the website to retrieve their own information. is the unit that has the right to change the appropriate policies and terms. If there are any changes, the system will publish them directly on the homepage for all members to refer to.