Where To Play Fishing God Online Real Money

Besides the attractive fish table game versions such as : Five Dragon Fishing or Ocean King Online, our system has just released Fishing God. This is a type of fish game to exchange rewards with many different levels, suitable for a variety of play styles. Players when participating in Fishing God will certainly have great entertainment moments.

At our website, Fishing God is designed with extremely beautiful images. The game has vivid sound, suitable for each level of the player. When participating in Fishing God, players need to be familiar with many different types of guns. The power and value of the gun depends on the level the player chooses.

The player’s task when participating in Fishing God is to find and kill the fish in the ocean. The more fish the player kills, the bigger the reward. Especially if the player kills the Fishing God symbol, the player can end the game.

Where To Play Fishing God Online Real Money

Level Betting Of Fishing God

Players who come to Fishing God will be able to explore all the fishs under the sea. The only task the player has to complete is to hunt fish. Players can use combinations of weapons to hunt more efficiently. Each weapon will have separate features, depending on the economy each player will choose the appropriate weapon.

Fishing god has three different game levels, from low to high. First, the player needs to choose the difficulty level of the game, which sets the player’s bet limit:

  • Junior : 0.01 to 1
  • Expert : 0.1 to 5
  • Godlike: 1 to 10

The Special Features Of Symbols

  • Low paying symbols

Players need to find different types of underwater creatures as the Fishing God low paying symbol. Each symbol pays out correspondingly at max bet

Example: Flying Fish – Can double the player’s bet.

Clownfish – Can triple the player’s stake.

  • High paying symbols

If the player has the ability, instead of hunting for low symbols, the player can pick bigger fish with higher value in Fishing God. From there, players bring back many times more rewards.

Same as above, corresponding payout value symbol at max bet:

Example: Big Clownfish Symbol – Bet 30 times your stake.

Blue angelfish symbol – Bet 40 times player’s money.

Besides, players can also get many special bonus and upgrade features at Fishing God. Players only need to shoot down the target when they see them appear on the screen. From there the targets will activate the corresponding feature. Here are some symbols and the corresponding bet that the player can get if the kill is successful.

  • Laser Crab

If successfully defeating the Laser Crab, the player has the opportunity to receive a reward of up to 120 times his stake. Besides, players can receive more Electromagnetic Cannons. With this cannon, the player can expand the range, destroy the fish in the direction straight across the screen.

  • Drill Crab

If the Drill Crab is destroyed, the player receives a bonus of up to 120 times and a cannon. This type of weapon helps players shoot down many types of fish that shoot across the other screen.

  • Bomb Crab

Once again the player gets a bonus of 120 times the bet amount thanks and a Bomb Crab. The effect of this bomb is extremely large, it can destroy all fish in the explosion range.

  • Crab Wheel

It’s great if any player catches the Crab Wheel, then the player’s reward gets up to 300 times the bet amount. In addition, the player does not need to wait for the time to expire, the gift will be delivered to the player as soon as the spin ends.

  • Flash Jellyfish

Flash Jellyfish offers players rewards up to 120 times their stake. The main use of Flash Jellyfish is to attack electricity all over the water, electrifying all creatures and killing them.

  • Firestorm

Players get the Fire Cannon when you land the Firestorm symbol. This weapon provides 60 to 100 bullets that fire in quick succession. From there, players have more opportunities to hunt fish and receive more rewards.

  • Dragon King’s Treasure

Correctly predicting the appearance of the Dragon King, the player can win a variety of prizes from 10 to 300 times the bet when the player shoots down this symbol. Players in the same room must combine, cooperate to get rewards and win lucky rewards


Above is all information about Fishing God for newcomers. Also if players want to learn more about other fish table games, please visit our system. The website provides a lot of fish game products with experience and ways to participate. Quickly register an account at the website to receive a $20 discount, increase your chances of betting and receive more bonuses.

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