Introduction And How To Play At Fishing Yilufa

Fishing Yilufa is the latest new version fish table gambing game online real money , welcomed by many players at our website. This product offers extremely attractive rewards, up to 1000 times the original bet. Fishing Yilufa is really suitable for those who are passionate about the fish game genre, love the image of the ocean with beautiful blue. Players, instead of hesitating, access the system and immediately choose Fishing Yilufa to join!

What Is Fishing Yilufa?

Fishing Yilufa is a product produced by game publisher Joker Gaming. The game has many new features, which are extremely attractive. Players participating in Fishing Yilufa have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards.

Fishing Yilufa has up to 30 types of fish, colorful and very beautiful. Each fish species corresponds to a different payout ratio. Players participating in Fishing Yilufa will be able to visit the sea world, product images with realistic, 3D graphics, bringing a great experience to players.

How To Play Fishing Yilufa

Fishing Yilufa is a completely new version, the product is added with many new features by the system and players are supported during the participation process. At our website, if players join Fishing Yilufa, the system has two versions for players to choose from. The demo version is suitable for beginners, inexperienced and need more practice. The real version allows players to deposit real money into their account and if they win, they can withdraw their winnings to their personal bankroll.

  • Demo version

This version ensures players have new experiences, get acquainted with the vast ocean world. Players can find ways to conquer treasures, practice more skills before participating with real money.

  • Real version

Unlike the demo version, with this version players have to make a deposit before placing bets. Of course, if you win, the player still has the opportunity to receive the highest reward. The amount of bonus the player receives depends on the number of fish the player kills. Players can get 2, 3 times or a few hundred times or even 1000 times the original bet.

Fishing Yilufa has three levels of play for players to choose from

  • Newbie: The bet level of this level ranges from 0.1 to 10, suitable for new players, not yet skilled in fish games.
  • Expert: The bet limit of this level is from 1 to 100, players have some experience and have participated in fish table games.
  • Royal: Players bet in the range from 10 to 100. Usually only skilled people who have participated in many fish games will choose this rank.

The Rules Of Fishing Yilufa

Fishing Yilufa allows many people to join, each player will have their own weapon and different fishing tactics. If the player’s bullet hits a wall, it will shoot back until it hits the target. The player’s bullets kill the fish, that player receives a reward. Depending on each level, each player will own up to 10 bullets, the impact of each type of bullet is different. Players only need to control the gun so that the target is going in the right direction.

Fishing Yilufa’s Payout Rate

Because the game is divided into three levels, the number of rewards players receive will also be divided into small or large rewards, depending on the level of players participating.

Lucky money

Players in the process of participating in Fishing Yilufa if they encounter Fortuner Yilufa, it means that the opportunity to receive a great reward has come, the unicorn is activated and the player can open 5 coins. Each coin corresponds to a different reward. The player then also has the opportunity to receive more lucky money with just 1 to 3 clicks on the icon mentioned by the system.

  • Triple bonus if the player gets a green coin.
  • The bonus is 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 times more if the player gets the blue coin.
  • Player gets an accumulator if it is a red coin.

Fortune Wheel

If the player successfully activates the lucky coin, the Fortune Wheel will appear on the screen. Depending on the position of the wheel, players will receive different prizes. The bonus levels are determined as follows:

  • Double Luck: Player rewards will gradually increase by a factor of 35, 56, 116 and 176 times.
  • Triple Luck: The player’s reward increases by a factor of 54, 84, 174 and 264 times. Next, players can expand the prize three times if they are lucky to receive Mystery Expansion.
  • Unicorn: The value of the player’s reward is extremely high, from 100 to 300 times. In addition, players also have the opportunity to receive more hydrangeas if the Dancing Lion appears.
  • Super Cannon: Player’s chance to win 5 times the original bet. Players can get 50 additional free bullets and hydrangeas. With a reserve of weapons up to 999 members, players are spoiled for hunting fish.


Fishing Yilufa is really a product for those who love fish table games. If players need to participate in products with beautiful graphics, flexible 3D and generous rewards, Fishing Yilufa is the most suitable choice. Our website guarantees to give players a great experience when participating in Fishing Yilufa. There are also hundreds of other equally attractive products waiting for players to choose.

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