Slot Machine Terms | A List of Slots Terminology

Sometimes players join Slot games, encounter terms but don’t understand what they mean. This affects the quality of the game, reducing the win rate. So it is very helpful to memorize the terms. The following article will summarize the important terms in Slot games.

Term Of Slot Games Type

  • Basic Slots: This type has only 3 reels and a few paylines. Products are of the classic type, often using symbols such as bells, fruits or the number 7.
  • 3D video slot: This type has very high graphics, sharp images and has a three-dimensional effect.
  • 5 reels : The product has 5 reels with 5 different reels and symbols. This is considered the standard genre of the current online slot game.
  • 6 reels: Includes 6 reels and spinning symbols. Products often have many additional features.
  • A type of Slot game with 3 reels and 1 payline. Players get the same prize always, in the game play there are no special features.

Terms Related To Slot Game Activities

  • Actinon: Describes the total amount of bets the player uses over a period of time. This number includes bonus, wagered and traded bets.
  • Paylines: The rows used to pay players bets. The payout is based on the combined symbols on each row. Some slot games allow players to activate and deactivate rows to adjust bets.
  • Autoplay / Autospin: Thanks to these features, players do not need to manipulate during the game. It’s all installed and happens automatically. After each round the player can turn off these features.
  • Bet One: Player adjusts bet to 1 single coin with 1 face value per spin.
  • Demo Play: Mode for new players, inexperienced. Players do not need to spend real money to participate, meaning that if the player wins, they will not receive the bonus.
  • Coin Size: The value assigned to each coin or credit when the player bets on the slot game. Depending on the currency in the region the player is living in, they will have different values. This amount x paylines= total bet.
  • Collect Button: The collect button allows players to withdraw their remaining credits from the slot game when it feels like winning enough or losing too much.

Term About Symbols In Slot Games

  • Cascading Wilds: A cascading wildcard that converts other symbols in the slot game into the symbol the player is looking for on that payline.
  • Bonus Round: Usually appearing during an event, players make a choice to get more prizes.
  • Bonus Feature / Game: A feature that appears in games, offering players bonuses or free spins, which can also increase the probability of winning. Players when participating often find a way to activate this feature, because it brings great profits for them.
  • Bar: Usually found in classic slots with white color, single, double or triple stacked versions, low value.
  • Expanding Wilds: is a type of Wild symbol that fills the entire reel creating more winning potential.
  • Jackpot: The jackpot on the slot game is the highest possible prize. Usually, a player can only hit the jackpot at the maximum bet.


With the above term list, players can participate in any Slot product. Onlinefishtable offers a lot of novel games, interesting themes and excellent graphics. Players just need to log in to receive an attractive bonus for new members, improving the experience time at the website. Good luck players!

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