Cash Crazy Slot Game – Discover The Legendary Game 777

Cash Crazy slot is one of the latest attractive sweepstakes slot games launched just recently from Microgaming provider. With the idea that originated in the laboratory of a crazy technician, Cash Crazy promises to bring players the most enjoyable experience. In the article below, let’s learn how to play the Cash Crazy slot game to redeem rewards.

Cash Crazy Slot Game - Discover The Legendary Game 777

Introduction to Cash Crazy slot

Game publisher: Microgaming

Game Genre: Classic Slots

Design: very eye-catching screen full of gold and green coins. However, the redesigned icons are quite monotonous with red, yellow, purple BAR characters, 3 numbers 777 and cherry shape. The symbols that players find most special is the image of a crazy science money machine located right on the screen.

Game structure: Cash Crazy has 3 reels and only 1 payline. The number of round coins is 2 coins from 0.25 coins to 0.5 coins. With 2 coins and 1 bonus spin, the maximum payout the player receives is 10$. Players can choose to play 1st coin or 2nd coin to multiply their bets.

Sound: The sound effects are considered traditional, players will be impressed with the laughter when the professor emits after you win.

Controls: Before pressing the reel to spin, you should place a bet by clicking +/-, you will set the coin size between 0.50-10. Bet Max is used to set up. Maximum bet amount allowed, and Bet One is used to set the number of coins per line that you want to bet (there are 2 lines). Spin sets the reels to move, and Autoplay spins automatically.

This is a three reel slot game and now this game has been developed on mobile phones with Android operating system. Players will be able to feel this game on any device anywhere.

Cash Crazy Slot Game - Discover The Legendary Game 777

Symbols and features of Cash Crazy Slot

Cash Crazy is quite different from today’s slot games in that there is no scatter symbol and the cumulative bonus function because this is a scratch-off slot. And it doesn’t have other bonus rounds either. But do not be afraid because this game will also have new attractive features.

Stake Levels

You can play a coin or two on a single payline of Cash Crazy mobile slot and the coin values ​​can be adjusted from a minimum of 0.25 to a maximum of 5.00.

Jackpot Payout 

There are two jackpot payouts that can be generated in this slot game, both of which depend on how much you have placed on the reels on the payline. The maximum win the player gets is 1600, the player gets the bet bonus amount when there are 3 crazy man symbols. Bet 1 coin the player only gets 800 half of the bonus.

Bonus symbols

You cannot trigger any bonus symbols or spin a set of scatter symbols as this slot has no bonus nor scatter symbols in the Cash Crazy game.

Wild Symbols 

The Cash Symbol is your wild symbol on this slot machine, only one of which helps form a winning combination that doubles the payout of that win. There is a double bonus. There are 2 quadruple bonuses.

Free Spins

Although most of the bonus slot games produced by Microgaming offer a free spins function, Cash Crazy does not.

Cash Crazy Slot Game - Discover The Legendary Game 777

How to increase your win rate when playing the Cash Crazy slot?

Choose the lines with a high probability of winning

To easily win in the games, you need to determine the amount of capital you spend initially. During the process of spinning the jar, you cannot select any of the patterns that appear because there will be an explosion type and no pattern.

According to calculations from experienced players, you should choose the lines: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,19 and 20.

Maximum bet when participating in Progressive Jackpot

When hunting Jackpot, you can bet the maximum to help yourself win big. Normally in the early games, the dealer will not give high difficulty to attract players, which means that you will be easier to win in these early rounds.

Divide the capital you are carrying

The division of the amount of money in the explosion should also be noted and players should divide equally widely. If you calculate the time to explode the jar, you can count more money than usual. If you win consecutively, continue to keep this bonus, and if you lose, increase the bonus to ensure a profit.


The above article has provided readers with instructions for playing the Cash Crazy slot game. Cash Crazy slot is a game from the Microgaming distributor that has been making many players crazy about playing online games. If you are looking for an exciting and attractive slot game, this is the right choice. Hopefully with these useful sharing has created conditions for players to have more experience for playing Cash Crazy. We Hope you always have a lot of luck and win attractive prizes. 

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