What Is Jackpot? Collection of Jackpot Games

Surely those who love betting have heard of the Jackpot concept. However, not all players understand this definition well. Through the article below, players will understand more about Jackpot, games classified into Jackpot as well as how to participate.

What Is Jackpot?

Jackpot is a word to describe a huge prize in a certain game. Not only mentioned in the lottery, Jackpot is also very popular at live casinos, online fish table and slot games.

The Jackpot reward players receive is the amount added after many bets, they are accumulated over time as well as the number of participants. The luckiest person will be the recipient of the entire bonus. The probability to receive the Jackpot is extremely low, not everyone can get it. Of course, the recipient of this award has to put in a lot of effort.

Jackpot Game Classification

There are 4 types of Jackpot commonly used at online betting sites:

  • Jackpot Local .
  • Fixed Jackpot.
  • Network Jackpot.
  • Progressive Jackpot.

Jackpot Local

The bonus amount is accumulated over a period of time at a fixed game or in a particular locality, casino where the player is allowed to join.

For example: Online casino offers a Jackpot prize for everyone who participates in playing cards here from November 1, 2020 to December 1, 2020.

The size of the prize is smaller than the network prizes, almost all online casinos have Jackpot prizes in the system to attract players.

Network Jackpot

The amount of bonus the player receives will be calculated according to the size of all participants in the game, with no territory limitation. All players will contribute money together to give themselves more chances to win this lucky prize. The prize is only available to a single player with a chance to win the entire bonus.

Fixed Jackpot

This type of bonus does not change over time, regardless of the amount that the player bets. The amount the player receives if he wins will be clearly announced by the coefficient. Players just need to make a deposit and participate in the hope that luck will come their way.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot can be said to be a type of extremely valuable prize that is gradually accumulated based on the amount of money that players deposit to bet. This cumulative type is similar in size to the Network Jackpot type, except that the bonus amount will be accumulated gradually over time.

How To Play Jackpot At Online Casino

Players want to receive Jackpot and ensure safety, players first need to access a reputable and reputable website in the betting market. Next, players choose the form of Slot games that apply the form of Jackpot awarding.

  • Play jackpot in slot game

With slot games, players will see a display table with 5 columns and 3 rows. Each tile will be sorted by coin value and bet level for the player to choose. The steps to play are as follows:

  • Deposit money into your wallet
  • Transfer money from the main wallet to slots wallet to join the game.
  • Select the desired bet level and press the “spin” button

If the player wants to win, the result displayed on the screen must have 3 vertical lines from left to right showing the same symbol. However, the symbol must have a different bonus value, the highest being “777”. The amount of bonus players receive depends on the amount of bet they initially placed.

For new participants, there is not much information to bet, players should refer to “paytable”.

Top 7 Jackpot slot games with the greatest value

Here are the top 7 games with the highest bonus value ever:

  • Mega Moolah: RTP 88.12% – £13,000,000
  • Arabian Nights: RTP 95.60% – 4.800.000€
  • Jackpot Giant : RTP 94.22% – £4,497,217
  • Major Millions : RTP 89% – £1,621,058
  • Cash Splash : RTP 90.47% – £134,929
  • Fruit Fiesta 91.00% : RTP 91% – £94,845
  • Thor Megaways : RTP 89.25% – £11,025

Online casino use RTP to describe the percentage of bets players receive at each game.

Example: If a player bets $1 and the RTP is 90%, the player can expect that his account will get $90 back on winning. For the most part, the average RTP that players should participate in will be 80% or more.


A lot of games revolve around the Jackpot concept. Hopefully with the above article, players will better understand this concept, choose and participate in the right game. If you have any other questions, please contact customer service for answers. Thank you players for following the article!

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