How To Play Duo Bu Duo Cai Online Fish Tables ?

Besides products such as Fishing War, Crazy Fishing, Caishen Fishing, … at here, We also launched Duo Bu Duo Cai – a shooting version with china fish tables style. This game is guaranteed to bring players a sense of familiarity from graphics to sound. Players will surely fall in love at first sight. To better understand Duo Bu Duo Cai, players should not ignore the article below.

How To Play Duo Bu Duo Cai Online Fish Tables ?

When participating in Duo Bu Duo Cai, players must use real money to buy bullets, then you should aim to shoot at the fish that appear on the table to receive coins. Players can convert these coins to real money and withdraw their account. Each fish will have a different value, if the player can kill these fish, you will receive a reward of corresponding value. How to play in detail? Let’s find out below!

The Level Of Duo Bu Duo Cai

  • Newbie: 500 -50000
  • Medium: 5000- 50000
  • Royal: 50000 – 2500000

Payment Of Duo Bu Duo Cai

  • For small fishes their payout ranges from x2 to x15.
  • For large fishes there will be payouts from x18 to x100 (crabs x18, seahorses x20, lantern fish x25, crocodile x30, blue dragon x40, red dragon x50, Gold Frog x80, Money Tree x100).
  • Especially, the character Caishen in Duo Bu Duo Cai has a reward ranging from x50 -150 and treasure x100 -50.

The Symbols And The Features Of Duo Bu Duo Cai


If a treasure appears on the screen, the player who cooperates will receive a bonus. Depending on the luck of each player, the chance of winning points is 100-500 times. Until the treasure disappears, the player returns to the original game.

Free Wheel

When the player has not caught a fish or a treasure, the player has a chance to trigger a special reel in the game. Players only need to choose 1 lucky slot and rotate their own luck, the highest prize the player can get 600 times the stake.

Red envelopes

Players who have not caught a fish or have a treasure, have the opportunity to activate additional game rewards. The highest bonus value can win a prize of 1000 times the stake.

Special Bonus

Players who haven’t caught the type of fish will have a chance to trigger an extra game bonus. Players only need to click on the coin on the screen, when any graph has three shapes, it can appear the multiplier rate, the highest can win 3000 times the bet.

Special Weapons

  • Machine gun: Can get 10x base multiplier and get 20-100 random extra free bullets. In case the player uses free bullets and hits the machine gun again, the player can accumulate bullets, up to 999 rounds.
  • Drill Gun: Players can get 10x base multiplier and get 1 extra free drill head shot. After firing there will be a chance to catch any fish on the route until it explodes.
  • Electromagnetic Gun: Players can get 10x base multiplier and get 1 extra free Electromagnetic Gun shot. Once fired, there is a chance to catch any fish in range, until the stun gun ends.
  • Freezing Bomb: Can get 5x base set rate, instantly freezing all fishes on the screen, until the effect ends.

Some Ways To Use Guns When participating Duo Bu Duo Cai

  • Use powerful weapons right time

The main weapons are the tools with great destructive power, which greatly support the player. However, players are often hesitant about paying for powerful weapons, because the amount of money spent to buy them is too large.

This results in players missing out on earning opportunities. To avoid this situation, players should be assertive, choosing high-end weapons to use when large targets appear.

  • Change the bullets power properly

Usually a game will usually have many people participating. So players need to change the strength of the bullet, adjust the way to shoot as reasonable as possible.

For the fish in the player’s sights, it is best for the player to shoot slowly. Such precise targets, players do not fire continuously, because no opponent can take away their target.


Just now is the introduction information about Duo Bu Duo Cai. In addition to products about shooting fish, our website also provides more information about skills, tips and strategies. Register an account today to get $20 for free, increasing your chances of participating in the fish table game.

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