Fu Farm – Animal Shooting Game In The Farm With Attractive Payout Ratio

Fu Farm is a product of the target hunting game series that has received a lot of love from players. The reason the game has such great appeal is the extremely cute graphics. The whole game is just like a miniature farm with familiar animals such as chickens, goats, dogs, bears,… The form of participation is similar to the fish tables online, players apply the available experience, Use weapons purchased from coins to shoot the animals. Each animal will correspond to a different reward level. To learn more about this game, let’s follow the article below!

Fu Farm - Animal Shooting Game

What Is Fu Farm?

Fu Farm is a product that belongs to the same versions of online fish table. The way to participate is also similar, there is a high level of entertainment. Players who want to win need to have a lot of skills, knowledge and playing experience.

The appearance of small animals not only contributes to making the game adorable. Players only need to hunt one of those creatures to receive the corresponding reward. Depending on each animal, large or small size, cost more or less weapons, players will convert to the corresponding number of bonus points when successfully shooting down.

The Rules Of The Fu Farm

In our system, if players are not inexperienced,  they can refer to the rules by participating in the demo version. Players enjoy the experience and do not need to worry about the amount of money to spend.

Fu Farm has 3 levels for players to choose from, the ranks correspond to different levels of difficulty and stakes. Therefore, choosing the right rank is extremely important, it depends on the player’s financial and sniper ability.

  • Enables 1 Gum: Limit bets from 1 to 9 coins, inexperienced players should choose this bet.
  • Enables 2 Gun: Limit bets from 10 to 90 coins, most players choose this bet, not too difficult and relatively suitable for their finances.
  • Enables 3 Gun: Limit bets from 100 to 1000 coins, for players with a lot of experience, who have participated in many similar products.

If the player hunts the bigger animals, the more bonuses will be received. However, this is not easy, because large animals are difficult to destroy, players have to spend a lot of bullets.

Fu Farm is a product that belongs to the same versions of fish table gambling

The Features And Payment Of The Fu Farm

  • Paytable
Gold Bottlex30
Cow ( with a random payout)x50- x500
Dragon (with a random payout)x200 – x888
Small Birdx2
Small Bearx2
Small chickenx4
Small Foxx7
The Features And Payment Of The Fu Farm

Multiplier Features

Inside the bubble, if animals appear, then the Multiplier will be activated. The amount of payment received depends on the animal. For small animals, the highest reward ratio is x10.

For the animals that are detonated, the reward the player gets will be random, this depends on the multiplier of the game.

Bomb Features

  • If the pumpkin explodes, all the animals in the game will explode at the same time. The other animal that appears on the screen is the Dragon.
  • The minimum bonus the player receives is x5 times the stake and the maximum is x5000 times the stake, if no animals appear on the screen.


Fu Farm is a fairly new product, the image of animals in the game creates an interesting feeling. Players can still easily join because the method is like fish table game. If players want to create a new atmosphere, entertain after working hours and earn big bonuses, Fu Farm is the most suitable choice. Our system has many similar products with attractive rewards such as Fishing God or MoMo Fishing. Players quickly register to be able to experience, receive incentives for new members from today!

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