Gems & Dragons Slot

What is Gems & Dragons Slot?

The online version of the dragon and gems game Gems & Dragons has many interesting features and ways to play. Gems & Dragons released by the game publisher MGS in February will definitely bring players moments of suspense and suspense.

  • Number of reels: 5×6 (corresponding to 5 rows, 6 columns and 30 reels).
  • The minimum bet is 0.10USD.
  • The maximum bet is 20.00USD.

Symbols appear in Gems & Dragons

  • Normal Gems: The gem has a pink heart shape, when the player matches these gems, it will not damage the enemy, but instead restore the player’s HP.
  • Red-orange hexagon: Double damage to enemies.
  • Green Hexagon : Match the gem to increase normal damage to enemy units.
  • Blue Gem: Gem joint increases normal damage to enemies.
  • Purple Gem: Gem joint increases normal damage to enemies.
  • Universal Gem: Replaces all normal gems to form HYPERCLUSTERS.
  • Mystery Gem: Turns into a random gem.
  • Coefficient Gems: x2 total payout if player wins in HYPERCLUSTERS.

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Line winning in the game

The Gems & Dragons pot spin game calculates the winning line based on HYPERCLUSTERS. This is a group of gems that are vertically and horizontally adjacent to each other. Players are awarded HYPERCLUSTERS points when there are 5 matching gems or more. HYPERCLUSTERS are formed anywhere on the reels.

In case there are multiple winning lines on the same payline, only the winning line with the highest payout will be counted. When something goes wrong, all bonuses and plays will be forfeited.

Special features in the game Gems & Dragons

In the Gems & Dragons jar explosion game, there are a number of features that help players increase their chances of winning as follows:

Battle mode

Players try to match gems to attack enemy troops. If the reel results do not have a winning line, the enemy will attack.

Free Bonus Info

Players who destroy all the dragons that appear on top of each reel will enter the free bonus game. 

Here the player gets to choose treasure chests to unlock cash prizes until a COLLECTION item is found. 

After COLLECTION is opened, the accumulated cash prizes will be awarded, each enemy will give a different number of treasure chests according to the paytable.

Celestial General Skills

Players who match any colored jewel will accumulate the corresponding skill of that color. 

When the rune is fully loaded with the natural champion skill that will be activated, the runes are also randomly activated.

Revive Mode

When HP drops to 0 the player will enter respawn mode. 

Players need to match any gem to restore HP, the battle mode will return when the player has accumulated enough HP.

Note: The reels on the Slot machine screen will spin randomly. You win if the same symbols appear on a payline of your choice. Get a bonus (if you win) and start a new game.

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Gems & Dragons is a new spin game with 2 parts battle and respawn that increase the level of excitement. The higher the bet, the better the victory, but you should not be too greedy because luck always comes with risk. In particular, in Gems & Dragons players will have a chance to win 2,500 times the total bet.

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