Insect Paradise – Fish Game Online

Online fish table game is a very famous entertainment topic, players who have ever participated in online casino will know this genre. On this day to meet the betting needs of players, online fish table products are released continuously, full of attractive elements from form to content. Players who want to join the online fish table, just need to choose the product after having a reputable online betting address.

The following article will help players know a new product under the theme of fish table online – Insect Paradise. This game was released not long ago, quite popular with players. Most of those who have participated in Insect Paradise have rated this game as having many distinct interesting points. Follow the article below to understand more about Insect Paradise!

The Levels Betting Of Insect Paradise


The amount of money that needs to be spent during participation is 10 to 1000 coins.

Each player can only own 1 gun to hunt fish.

Players do not need to pay any fee for the ticket to log in to the game room.


50 to 1000 coins is the limit of the amount players need to pay to join this room.

Here each customer can own 2 guns to hunt fish.

The cost to pay for each login to the game room is 10 coins.

If players have experience, want to join more difficult ranks and receive bonuses, this is the most suitable choice. VVIP is not too difficult nor too easy, enough to bring experience and bonuses to those who need it.


  • Each player needs to pay 10 coins if they choose this room.
  • The amount players need to prepare to join the Super room is from 100 to 1000 coins.
  • This level is considered the most difficult, with the most obstacles for players. Customers when choosing this level are not to experience but to earn an extra profit. Usually people with many skills, going through many games will choose this rank.

Paytable Of Insect Paradise

Insect Paradise Get To Real Money

Nowadays, the online versions of fish table are much more popular with players because the game possesses many outstanding features. Besides, players are also very interested in paying rewards when participating in the game. Customers need attractive rewards, quick and safe transactions, ensuring that information is not disclosed to the outside.

Insect Paradise appears at many online casinos, players who want to participate should choose reputable addresses to avoid cases of fraud and scams on social networks. In addition, players should search for online casinos that allow real money bonuses, payment in popular forms such as Bitcoin. Thus new players come, because that properly meets the individual needs of the player.

This form of payment is extremely simple, players do not need to worry about the level of security. All a customer does is sign up for a betting account at a reputable online casino. For example, at Super777 – one of the famous online casino for providing online fish table games. Customers who come here will receive all the benefits of the game, the payout level and the trading bonus within just 5 minutes.


Online fish table game is a very famous entertainment topic, players who have ever participated in online casino will know this genre. In addition to Insect Paradise, players also have many options for online fish table games like Inferno Sea or Goddess of Mercy. However, to find a product that has both outstanding elements in terms of image and content, Insect Paradise is the most suitable game. Especially when the payout levels of the game are really attractive. Don’t forget to read the article above if customers want to join the online fish table!

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