Kung Fu Panda – Arcade Fish Shooting Games

Kung Fu Panda is one of the newest products of the online fish table game, currently available at Super777 Club. The members at the website are very satisfied with this game because it possesses many outstanding advantages. This game has a lot of multipliers, the gameplay is relatively simple, the player must have skills and experience. Kung Fu Panda will bring an extremely attractive bonus if the player kills a lot of fish, especially large fish.

Kung Fu Panda - Arcade Fish Shooting Games

Overview About Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda as well as other fish table game online real money products, the game possesses outstanding features and big characters bring attractive rewards. In addition, Kung Fu Panda also has realistic graphics, vivid sound. Players when placing bets will receive an exponential reward. Some symbols appear at Kung Fu Panda

  • Silver Dragon: Randomly spawns, it will be killed if hit by 50 shots. The payouts are huge.
  • Golden Dragon: Players must hit up to 100 bullets to destroy it. Golden Dragons appear randomly, without warning and the spawn time is also very short. The player must use every weapon to kill it.
  • Crazy Shark: Kill all the fish in the vicinity with its multiple explosions.
  • Bomb Crab: All fish on the screen will die if the bomb is activated. The amount of bonus the player receives is based on the number of fish killed on the screen.
  • Panda: Symbol helps players increase the power of weapons and score when killing fish.
  • Kung Fu Panda: There are many different betting rounds, players must conquer each betting round if they want to receive rewards. When receiving rewards, players can prolong the game, increase profits while participating in the game.

The Advantages Of Kung Fu Panda

In addition to the novel elements, the Kung Fu Panda still retains the old advantages. Game manufacturers also constantly improve the game, regularly updating many new features. Kung Fu Panda requires fast paced, competitive gameplay and quick thinking and skill. Some of the advantages of the game are:

  • Configuration allows multiple players to participate.
  • High game resolution, extremely vivid and realistic.
  • The betting operation is simple, not complicated and suitable for all bets.
  • Create a sense of entertainment, comfort for players.
  • High rewards, many incentives for players at all levels.

Where can I join KungFu Panda?

There are very few online fish tables that offer the game Kungfu Panda, but if you want to join, we have an option for you that is S777.club. This is an online casino that offers full versions of shooting fish such as: Kungfu Panda, Fishing Foodie, Fish Haiba, Golden Dragon fishing game… and many more game.

Does Super777 Club have a Bitcoin deposit method?

Yes, Super777 Club offers many different deposit methods, you can choose Bitcoin to deposit money into your account.


This game is really attractive and is a solution for those who are passionate about fish table games but do not have much time. Kung Fu Panda brings an extremely interesting experience, making players feel attracted, the more they participate, the more they want to conquer the challenge. Wish players have new experiences with Kung Fu Panda Fishing Game !

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