Giant Mussel Fishing – How To Play & The Features of Giant Mussel Fishing

Unlike the usual Fish table game products, our system’s Giant Mussel Fishing was born with the image of Giant Mussel. That means instead of the player catching fish, the player will hunt Mussel. All are creatures that live on the ocean floor, but will give players different experiences and colors. Follow the website to follow the article below to understand more about this interesting Giant Mussel Fishing game.

What Is Giant Mussel Fishing?

At first, players when exposed to Fishing Giant Mussels will not see the difference compared to other online shooting games, but this is the most popular online fish tables for real money.

Players still have to hunt creatures and receive rewards. What makes the attraction is the 3D images and graphics with a new design, bringing the feeling of the vastness of the ocean, the brightness and softness. The space of the game is all improved, true from small corners, coral reefs or moss bushes.

Especially Giant Mussel Fishing players will notice the sound of the game is different. Many longtime online fish game participants commented that Giant Mussel Fishing has a remarkable change in sound, gunfire, ocean waves, creatures … extremely realistic and strange.

The Features Of Giant Mussel Fishing

Players when participating in Giant Mussel Fishing do not forget to understand the features of the game. Because if you understand and know how to use it at the right time, players will receive a lot of bonuses. Take advantage of all possible opportunities when participating in Giant Mussel Fishing

  • Target: The system will give the player’s goal to achieve each level. When joining the player, do not forget this requirement, if not achieved, the player does not win that game.
  • Auto: Just use this feature at the right time, players can save time and effort, can still hunt Giant Mussel and bring big bonus points.
  • Double: Depending on the large or small target, the player has the choice of 1 or 2 shots to destroy them. If the player uses it properly, it can both save ammo and successfully deal with Giant Mussels.
  • Weapons: Choosing the right weapon is the most important thing for those who want to participate in Giant Mussel Fishing. This is an effective support tool, saving players time and effort and bringing great rewards.

Some Weapons Of Giant Mussel Fishing

  • Guns:

Big Gun: Needs large ammo, can shoot many bullets at the same time, extremely powerful destructive power, costs many coins to buy.

Small Gun: Used for low ranks, players have limited capital. Usually weapons appear during the player’s experience.


Electric bomb: Large damage with a large area, hard to buy, often applied at a high level.

Fire bomb: Spreads heat and affects all animals around. Players often use it when the target appears in groups.


  • Blue Laser: The damage is not great, each shot lasts about 10s, all small creatures will be destroyed if encountered.
  • Red Laser: The damage is quite strong, often used because the number of coins is not large.
  • Yellow Laser: For players with a lot of experience and skills, great damage. Each shot lasts up to 30 seconds, all creatures will die no matter how small or large. The number of coins to buy a yellow laser is not small, players must consider when using.

Tips To Play Giant Mussel Fishing

  • Players know the rules of the game, closely monitor the playing process in the demo version to gain experience.
  • Set up the appropriate game mode for each level, do not use too much money to participate if you do not have much experience.
  • Get more tips from experts, learn more unique ways of hunting.
  • Pay attention to how to use guns and ammo, hunt small creatures for training and large creatures for rewards.
  • Limit the use of automatic fire, avoid wasting ammo.
  • Capture every moment the creatures appear, avoiding missing their movement time.


Through the above information, players will surely feel interested in the game Giant Mussel Fishing. Our system has many other equally attractive products such as King fishing, Fishing war, Caishen fishing,… The quality of the games is unquestionable and the prestige of our website specializing in providing fish game products.

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